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Drink Responsibly

Drinking games can be extremely funny and can turn a great night into an unforgettable one. This applies to whether you are alone with your partner or friend or play in larger groups. However, alcohol should always be handled carefully. Also, DO NOT DRINK IF YOU ARE BELOW THE LEGAL DRINKING AGE.

1. Avoiding Hangover

Everyone knows the side effects of having a hangover. A hangover cannot only harm your health but can also destroy your day. Headache, loss of balance,  nausea, and many other factors can make your day hard to overcome. Being productive, meeting friends or family, or even having a relaxing day will not be possible or not enjoyable. In this article, we explain what you can do to minimize the effects of alcohol for the next morning such as taking water breaks or using an anti-hangover product. Of course, drinking responsibly and not overdoing it still are the best options to avoid a hangover.

2. Personality changes

Besides hangovers, there are various other side effects such as a change in personality, lack of judgment, and several other factors. We highly urge you to take alcohol serious and stop whenever you feel impacted or feel that you are losing control of your actions. 

3. Loss of memory

Drinking games are only fun if you remember them and you survive the next morning without bad symptoms or regret. On this website, you can also find various recommendations on how to handle alcohol. 

4. Health problems / Medicine / Addiction

Be especially careful if you have any health problems. Be even more careful and avoid alcohol if you have to take medication to avoid any side effects or a reduction in the efficiency of the medication. In addition alcohol can make you dependent. Never drink alcohol if you know that your personality changes and you tend to get agressive, if other people are concerned about your alcohol consumption or if you can’t stop thinking about alcohol and can’t reduce your alcohol consumption. In this case also seek professional help.

5. Calories

Some drinks have a lot of calories. If you prefer your drinks to not contain too many calories you can opt for low-calorie beverages by switching to zero-sugar products. A gin-tonic with 50 ml can have around 150 calories. 500ml of beer around 250 calories. Drinks with low calorie counts include Vodka Soda, Mojito, Red Wine or Light-Beer.

6. Don't drink and drive

We urge you to never operate any vehicle after drinking alcohol. Even if you think you can still drive it is better to call an uber or taxi or walk home. Furthermore, we recommend you check your alcohol level the next morning and before driving a car or other vehicle to not get fined or be responsible for any accidents.


Here you can find some breathaliyers. We not only use breathalyzers to check our drunkness level, but also use them in games. 

5 ways to drink responsibly

While there are many side effects and factors to be cautious about, playing drinking games can be fun. Here are 5 tips to stay in line and drink responsibly.


1. Set a limit for yourself. Whether it is two drinks, five drinks, or another number. Know your limits and stick to them. To make it easier you could also share your limit each day.


2. Know what you are trying to achieve the next day. Do you want to finish important work, visit your family, or go on a road trip. Drink only to a level where you know you will be able to do whatever you planned the next day.


3. Drink Water. Whenever there is a break, drink water. Whenever you feel thirsty, drink water. A good way to not forget to drink water is to always remember: 1 drink, 1 glass of water. This will reduce your hangover significantly.


4. Don’t drink too fast. Drinking fast will mean you will not be able to control your drunkness level. Of course, there are games, that aim at being drunk quite fast. If that’s the case, make sure to drink water and take a drinking break right after to see how drunk you will be. Do not keep drinking until you feel confident again. 


5. Use a breathalyzer. A breathalyzer is a good idea to keep everyone in check. You could not only check how drunk you are (make sure to always wait at least 15 minutes after your last drink before testing) but you can also make a game out of it. At the beginning of the game or party, you could agree on a specific alcohol level. Whoever is closest to that number will win a certain prize. If you do not set the limit high everyone will try to stay below/close to that limit.

Alternatives to alcohol

If you want to play one of the presented games such as King’s Cup, Flunky Ball, Drinking Uno, or any music drinking game but want to avoid drinking alcohol, there are several other possibilities. One way could be to use poker chips instead of sips. Every person gets a specific number of poker chips. Whenever you have to drink you will lose a poker chip. The person who remains with the most poker chips at the end (similar to the least drunk person) will win in the end. It is also possible to play games like Beer Pong entirely for fun or with water. 

Alternatively, you can play with water or anti-alcoholic cocktails (or if it should be a punishment to drink, you could make the drinks sour or spicy). Another way could be to do sports as punishment such as push-ups or sit-ups. There are no limits in using alternative ways to play drinking games even without alcohol.

No matter if you chose to play with or without alcohol, we hope you will enjoy the games, drink responsibly and/or play fair. 

We are very happy to receive feedback or comments and would also be excited to learn about new games to add to our platform!


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