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2023 Champions League Final Drinking Game – City vs. Inter

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Champions League Final Drinking Game 2023: Get Ready for the Ultimate Showdown! Manchester City vs. Inter Milan. Grab your friends, raise your glasses, and dive into the excitement with amazing rules for everyone and extra enemy and hero play rules. Check it out now!

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9.1Expert Score
2023 Champions League Final Drinking Game – City vs. Inter
Great game for the big event
Players: 2 -11
Materials: TV/Laptop etc.
Time: 90 min + overtime?

  • The game of the games
  • Perfect for a two players or a big group of friends
  • Turns watching the game fun for people who don't like football

Champions League Final Drinking Game 2023

Are you ready for the most thrilling showdown in European football? The Champions League Final 2023 between Manchester City and Inter Milan is just around the corner, and what better way to enjoy the match than with an amazing drinking game? Get your friends together and let the games begin!

Rules for the Ultimate Champions League Drinking Game

Let’s start with standard rules that apply to everyone participating in this game.

General rules for City versus Inter

Take one sip when

  • the commentator mentions the financial power of Manchester City
  • the commentator talks about the great atmosphere
  • the commentator says “Citizens”
  • the commentator says “Nerazzurri”

Take two sips when

  • you’re waiting for a VAR decision
  • a celebrity is shown in the stands
  • when a player sings along the Champions League anthem

Additional rules:

  • Whenever one of the coaches is shown, everyone has to mirror their behavior and facial expression. Whoever forgets to do so has to take 3 sips.
  • Double the sips if Pep smiles or Inzaghi gestures excitedly
  • Finish your drink during the halftime break

Hero and Enemy Player Rules

Before the game the game note down the starting elven (except for the keepers) and put them in two boxes, split by team. Now everyone participating draws one from their favorite team (hero player) and one from the opposing team (enemy player).

Whenever one of the following things happens to your hero player, you can distribute the sip(s). When it happens to your enemy player, take it yourself.

  • Your player’s name is mentioned (1 sip)
  • Your player fouls someone (1 sip)
  • Your player shoots (1 sip)
  • Your player is shown in close-up (2 sips)
  • Your player is in off-side (2 sips)
  • Your player gets a yellow card (3 sips)
  • Your player gets a red card (finish your drink)
  • Your player scores (finish the drink)
  • Your player’s goal is disallowed by VAR (everyone else drinks no matter if it was a hero or enemy player)
  • Your player is substituted. (waterfall while he’s leaving the pitch). Now the new player takes over his role.

Have fun, drink responsibly, and let us know how you like the game! 😀

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Specification: 2023 Champions League Final Drinking Game – City vs. Inter

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2023 Champions League Final Drinking Game – City vs. Inter
2023 Champions League Final Drinking Game – City vs. Inter
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