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Drink Drank Drunk

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Drink Drank Drunk is an awesome card drinking game for 3 to 12 players. 5 (+1) categories, creative rules, and actions as well as various modes of playing make it the perfect drinking game for pre-gaming or home parties.

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9.1Expert Score
Drink Drank Drunk
Best Card Drinking Game Of Its Kind
Players: 3 -12
Materials: Drink Drank Drunk cards
Time: 30 - 60 minutes per game

  • Funny Categories
  • Creative Cards
  • Awesome game modes


Instructions for Drink Drank Drunk cards drinking game

Drink Drank Drunk claims to be the party game of mis-beer-having. After testing it, I can say, that is absolutely true. But first things first – let’s start with explaining what this game is.

Drink Drank Drunk is a card drinking game for 3 to 12 players that usually take between 15 and 60 minutes.  It consists of 200 individual cards that come in 5 (+1) categories:

  • Action
  • Special
  • Rule
  • Weakness
  • Power
  • (Wild)

Action Cards

Action cards take action the moment they are picked up and then discarded.

drink drank drunk action cards

Special Cards

These cards can be kept secret and used only once before being discarded.

drink drank drunk special cards

Rule Cards

Placed in the centre of the table these cards apply to everyone! *Max of 2 in play at a time.

drink drank drunk rule cards

Weakness Cards

Placed visibly in front of the player who drew them. These cards weaken whoever owns them.

drink drank drunk weakness cards
Power Cards

Placed visibly in front of the player who drew them. These cards empower their owner!

drink drank drunk power cards

Wild Cards

Wild Cards change what they do depending on the Game Mode! Adding your own house rules will make it even more fun!

drink drank drunk wild cards

Rules of Drink Drank Drunk

The mode for the basic game is as simple as it is well-known. One player after the other draws a card and acts according to what it says. Just be careful not to read out loud the special cards.

The game is over either when there are no more cards left or a player is too drunk to continue (drink responsibly).

Additional ways to play Drink Drank Drunk

If you want to spice up the game, we have good news. You can either create your own additional rules or play one of the 3 suggested variations.

Wild Kings!

This variation is based on the classic King’s Cup drinking game. Make sure to use the Wild Cards. Now depending on the number of players, take a part of the cards and put them in a circle around an empty cup (facing down).

Now one player after the other takes one of the cards. Whoever draws a Wild Card adds something drinkable to the cup in the middle. The one who draws the last Wild Card loses the game and has to drink the central cup (unless they would die from finishing it).

Drinking Buddies!

The fun thing about this variation is, that it can be played in teams. Hoooray! Decide on a “drinking stock” now. It is the number of sips that have to be taken until one team loses. Next, the deck is shuffled and the game starts.

Teams now pick cards in altering sequence. The first team to reach the drinking stock loses. Extra rule – If you draw a wild card, you have to fill up the opposing teams drinking stock again.

Dranky’s Hat!

The way of playing is the same as the basic one. The difference – put a glass or a bottle in the middle of the table. Players now have to discard used cards by balancing them on the bottle/glass. A usual glass might be too easy. Add the rule that 2 or 3 corners must be hanging over the edge.

The first player who drops one or multiple cards loses and has to finish the drink. Extra rule – to make it last longer, you can agree on giving players the possibility to “buy themselves free” by taking the same number of sips as the cards they have dropped. Rating

We’ve played a lot of similar card drinking games already. However, so far this is our favorite one. You can tell that the creators have put a lot of thought, time, and love into creating the game.

The various categories are good fun, there are various creative cards and rules and the design is quite awesome too. Most importantly, this game is great fun, it will get you drunk and guarantees a good time with your friends. Thumbs up!

Have fun, drink responsibly and let us know how you liked it! 😀

Specification: Drink Drank Drunk

Player Size
Number of Players

3-6 Players, 7-12 Players

Level of Noise



Low, Medium

Drunkenness Level

Like there's no tomorrow, Pro, Take it easy


More than 1 h, Under 40 minutes

Focus on

Luck, Skills, Strategy




Indoors, Outdoors


Cards, Boardgames

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