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Eurovision Drinking Game 2024

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Get into the Eurovision 2024 groove for Saturday, the 11th of May and raise your glass to the annual music competition with our Eurovision Song Contest Drinking Game. Select your country, sing, dance, and take sips or shots according to the quirky rules. With country-specific challenges, it’s sure to be a night to remember!

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Eurovision Drinking Game 2024
The ultimate ESC 2024 Drinking Game
Players: 2 -12
Materials: TV/Laptop etc.
Time: The ESC Evening (11th of May 2024)

  • Amazing rules for the ESC 2024
  • Country-specific rules

Instructions for the Eurovision Song Contest Drinking Game 2024

If you’re a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, why not make the viewing experience more exciting with the Eurovision Drinking Game? This annual music competition in Malmö is perfect for a drinking game, with its extraordinary performances and unpredictable outcomes.

Rules of the Eurovision 2024 Drinking Game

Starting with the youngest player, everyone picks countries. Do that until all countries are taken. If there are not enough for a whole round, two players can choose the same country in the final round

Now when it’s one of your countries’ turn, stand up – support your country!

Additionally, follow these rules for your countries performance:

Take a shot when…

  • a song contains more than one language
  • something or someone is on fire
  • the performer changes outfits during the performance
  • someone shows a peace sign during the performance
  • a wind machine is used

The following rules apply at any time

Take a sip when…

  • the hosts sing
  • a song from the Balkan contains the word “Balkan”
  • one of your countries’ flags is shown
  • the rainbow flag is shown
  • someone says “douze points”
  • the performance includes a violin or other classical instrument

Rules for the Eurovision Song Contest Voting

For the voting, everybody can choose a maximum of 3 countries.
For those countries, the following rules apply:

  • 12 points – distribute 3 sips
  • 10 points distribute 2 sips
  • 8 points – distribute 1 sip

Additionally, project who your countries will give their points to.

If you predict the top 3 correctly, give out 5 sips.
If none of these predictions is true, take a sip.

Rules for everyone:

  • Take a shot if the spokesperson for the country in question doesn’t realize they’re live on air. 

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Country-specific Rules for the ESC Drinking Game

Drink when Greece and Cyprus give each other 12 points. Empty your drink when they DON’T do that.

Everyone takes 3 sips when…

  • Albania captivates with their unique melodies.
  • Armenia performs a song with a duduk
  • Australia brings a vibrant and energetic performance.
  • Austria sings a song with Vienna’s charm.
  • Belgium sings a bilingual fusion of French and Dutch.
  • Croatia performs a song with a traditional kolo dance.
  • Cyprus serenades with a song about the sea.
  • Czechia performs a song in their native language.
  • Estonia presents a musical journey like no other.
  • Finland rocks the stage with a heavy metal song.
  • France sings with finesse in both French and English.
  • Germany rocks out with a powerful rock anthem.
  • Italy enchants with a song sung in Italian.
  • Lithuania shares their unique traditional sutartinė.
  • Moldova presents a lively performance with a traditional dance.
  • Norway sings a song about nature.
  • Poland sings a song with a traditional dance routine.
  • Portugal sings a song filled with fado emotion.
  • Serbia delivers a powerful anthem.
  • Slovenia sings in Slovenian
  • Spain performs a flamenco-inspired tune.
  • Sweden sings a song about love and romance.
  • Switzerland performs a multilingual melody.
  • The UK showcases a captivating and memorable performance.
  • Ukraine delivers a heartfelt and emotional ballad.’s review of the ESC 2024 Drinking Game

The Eurovision Song Contest Drinking Game is a fun and engaging way to enjoy this annual music competition with your friends. The rules are simple to follow, and the game will have you rooting for your favorite countries and performers. Remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive. If you love this game, be sure to check out our other TV and movie drinking games!

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