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Formula 1 Drinking Game

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If you’re a fan of Formula 1 racing, why not elevate the excitement of watching the races with the Formula 1 Drinking Game? This adrenaline-fueled sport is perfect for a drinking game, with its high-speed action and unpredictable moments on the track.

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Formula 1 Drinking Game
Action Baby!
Players: 2 -12
Materials: TV/Laptop etc.
Time: Time of one race?

  • The ultimate game for F1 fans
  • Perfect for a two players or a big group of friends
  • Turns watching the game fun for people who don't like Formula 1

Introduction to the Formula 1 Drinking Game

The F1 drinking game is simple to play and only requires a few things: a TV or device to watch the races, your favorite beverages, and some friends to join in the fun.

Rules the Ultimate F1 Drinking Game

Let’s start with standard rules that apply to everyone participating in this game.

General rules for the Formula 1 Game

Take one sip when

  • the commentator mentions a driver’s previous championship wins
  • a team’s radio communication is broadcasted
  • the camera shows a close-up of a driver’s helmet or cockpit

Take a shot when

  • a team makes a pit stop within the first three laps.
  • a driver overtakes three or more cars in a single lap.
  • rain starts to fall during the race.
  • a driver spins out or crashes into a barrier.
  • the race ends with a last-lap overtake.
  • a safety car restart leads to multiple position changes.
  • the fastest lap is set in the final five laps of the race.

When the safety car is out. Start a waterfall. The youngest player starts.

Additional Formula One  Drinking Game Rules

To begin with, every player chooses two drivers.

give out two sips when

  • your driver sets the fastest lap
  • your driver is in the pit stop
  • your driver overtakes another car
  • your driver uses a swear word on the radio

take a shot when

  • your driver gets a penalty
  • your driver gets a puncture or suffers from a tire failure
  • your driver has to stop the race. Now pick another driver

Moreover, before the race starts everybody predicts the top three. Give out 3 sips for every right prediction. If none of them is right, take a shot. If you are a real one, join your friends and have a Victory Vodka or Winner’s Whiskey together.

F1 Extreme Rules:

Pit Stop Pint
Any time a driver goes into the pit stop, you can call out “Pit Stop Pint”. Now you need to finish a whole beer (although not a pint, play it with 0.33l beer). If you manage to finish the drink before the driver leaves the pit lane, all the other players have to finish their drinks. If you fail, have an additional shot.

Laptime Lager
Any time a player opens a new beer (or gets a new drink), they can bet to finish it faster than the fastest lap. If they manage to do so, every other player has to take a shot every time one of their chosen drivers crosses the finish line until they finish their drink.

Please be careful to not play this game with hard drinks and pay attention to how you feel.

Formula 1 2023 Season Rules by Emanuel

What would be a Formula 1 drinking game without including rules for the current season. So, our friend and Formula 1 nerd Emanuel, helped us get those rules on the street. Here we go:

  • Ferrari messes up a pit stop -> take a shot
  • Hamilton complains about his tires -> take a shot
  • A driver requests to be let past a team mate -> take a shot
  • There is a discussions via the team radio -> take 3 sips’s rating

This game is a fantastic option to increase the fun for F1 enthusiasts as well as making watching the race fun for those who are not interested that much.

Specification: Formula 1 Drinking Game

Player Size
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2 Players, 3-6 Players, 7-12 Players

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Low, Medium

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Like there's no tomorrow, Pro


More than 1 h

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Luck, Strategy




Indoors, Outdoors


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