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Game of Thrones Drinking Game (no spoilers)

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Turn an iconic tv show into an even better experience. Play the Game of Thrones drinking game with your friends now.

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Game of Thrones Drinking Game (no spoilers)
One of the best series drinking game
Players: 1 -12
Materials: TV/Laptop etc.
Time: 54min - 1h+ per episode

  • Iconic show
  • Exciting to watch
  • Awesome rules


game of thrones series drinking game


Instructions for Game of Thrones drinking game:

“There’s no story so good a drink won’t make it better” – Thoros of Myr.

Precisely the same is true about series and movies – even in the case of Game of Thrones. If there’s one character that undoubtedly agrees with that, it’s Tyrion Lannister.
According to him “Everything’s better with some wine in the belly”.

Well, I couldn’t agree more. So, get the booze ready because here are the rules of the Game of Thrones drinking game.

Rules of Game of Thrones series drinking game:

Heads-up in the words of Cersei Lannister, before you start.

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

The same is true for this game, so please drink responsibly.

Take 1 sip when…

  • someone dies
  • a character drinks
  • you hear the word “house”
  • Hodor says his name
  • “White walkers” are mentioned
  • Tyrion insults someone
  • Tyrion says the word “wine”
  • there’s nudity (1sip per titty 2 sips per dong)

Take a shot when…

  • Bran has a vision (you might soon have some visions too) 
  • someone says “winter is coming” ( warm yourself from inside)

Finish your drink when…

  • the main character is dying
  • Arya crosses a name off her kill list

Special rules of the GoT drinking game:

Before you start, write down the names of the houses on some pieces of paper. Every player draws which house they belong to (Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, or Targaryen).

  • Whenever the name of “your” house is said, take a sip

Each player also freely chooses a religion: the Faith of the Seven or the Old Gods. 

  • When your religion is mentioned, kiss your glass or bottle and take a sip
  • Waterfall during sex scenes 
  • Every time Jaime Lannister is in the scene, drink with your non-dominant hand for the rest of the scene 
  • Whenever someone says “King” or “Queen”, get out a deck of cards. Every player draws one card. The person with the card closest to said King or Queen card has to drink. If one player draws a King or a Queen everyone else has to take a shot. 
  • When there is a dragon, the first person to scream “dragon” may distruíbute one sip. 
  • Stand up and take a sip every time Tyrion proposes a drinking game.’s Review of the TV series drinking game

If you’re a fan of party games and tv series, you GoT to play this game. It’s an exciting, emotional, and still funny show. For sure it is one of the most iconic productions of the past 15 years. Turning it into a drinking game just gives it this extra edge.
To finish things up, nothing fits better than another quote from Tyrion Lannister.

“It’s not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it if it were easy.”

Have fun, drink responsibly, and let us know how you like the game! 😀

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Specification: Game of Thrones Drinking Game (no spoilers)

Player Size
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2 Players, 3-6 Players, 7-12 Players

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Low, Medium



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Like there's no tomorrow, Pro


60 min, More than 1 h

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Game of Thrones Drinking Game (no spoilers)
Game of Thrones Drinking Game (no spoilers)
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