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King’s Cup

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King’s Cup is one of the all-time classics drinking games. We are pretty sure you’ve heard about the game that is in some areas also referred to as ring of fire. All you need to get started is a cup and a deck of cards – and of course a lot of alcohol.

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Great Hat Drinking Game - Fun
Players: 3 -10
Materials: Card set, One Cup
Time: 30-60 minutes per game

  • All time classic
  • Never gets boring
  • Easy to spice it up with individual rules


To start King’s cup (also known as Circle of Death or Waterfall), the players put one empty cup in the middle of the table and put the deck of cards face down around the cup. The cards should create a full circle without any gaps. Now, after agreeing on the basic rules, the game can start. The first player picks a card. After the corresponding action has been performed the player to the left proceeds.

King’s Cup Rules

  • 2: “Two for you” The player who picked the card picks one player who has to take one sip
  • 3: “Three for me” The play who picked the card takes one sip
  • 4: “Four to the floor” Everyone needs to touch the floor/table as quickly as possible. The last one drinks one sip
  • 5: “Categories” Choose a brand (e.g. a beer brand). Clockwise, the players have to add other brands from that category. The first one to fail, has to drink
  • 6: “Six for the chicks” All the girls take one sip
  • 7: “Seven to the heaven” Everyone needs to raise their hands as quickly as possible. The last one drinks one sip
  • 8: “Eight for a mate” Choose one player who will be your mate. If he drinks you have to drink as well and vice versa (that can lead to a chain reaction)
  • 9 “Nine do a rhyme” Choose a word. The other players have to clockwise rhyme to that word. The first player who fails has to drink
  • 10 “Ten for the men” All the boys drink one sip
  • J: “Boys drink” All the boys drink one sip
  • Q: “Question Queen” The players can’t answer questions by the person who picked the latest Queen. In case a player answers (s)he has to take a sip.
  • K: “King” This card gives the game its name. The person who picks the first K can choose a non-alcoholic drink and puts as much of it into the cup in the middle as (s)he wants. The person who picks the second K adds an alcoholic beverage of choice. The third one has to take one sip and the final King means that the person has to finish the drink.
  • A: “Make a rule” The player who picks an Ace can think of a rule that everyone has to comply with

Ideas for Basic Rules and Additional Rules for King’s Cup

  • No names can be called anymore
  • It is not allowed to point at anyone
  • You can only touch your drink with the left hand
  • You can not say “yes” or “no” anymore
  • You can’t look a certain person in the eyes
  • You can’t use the letter “s” anymore”
  • Always say cheers before you drink

Get creative, there are hundreds of funny possibilities

Author’s Evaluation of the Card Drinking Game

This drinking game is a classic at every home party and never gets old. That is why this is one of the all-time favorites of the team. 


Have fun and drink responsibly 😀

Specification: King’s Cup

Player Size
Number of Players

3-6 Players, 7-12 Players

Level of Noise

Low, Medium


Low, Medium

Drunkenness Level

Like there's no tomorrow, Pro, Take it easy


More than 1 h, Under 40 minutes

Focus on

Luck, Skills






Cards, Cups

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