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Luminary is a nice app, allowing you to play 7 drinking games without any equipment. The games (including Horse Race, Never have I ever, or F*ck the dealer) are perfect for playing with 2-10 players. A cool feature of the app is, that it provides players with stats after each game.

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8.1Expert Score
App drinking game - Great fun everywhere!
Players: 2 -10
Materials: smartphone, Luminary App
Time: 15 minutes per game

Easy-to-play, great games, and free of ads
  • Ad-free
  • 7 different games
  • Nice feel of the app
  • Extra stats add fun
  • Costs 1,99€

Instructions for Luminary app drinking game:

Similar to other app drinking games Luminary offers various different mini-games – 7 to be precise.

The 7 Luminary mini-games:

Never Have I Ever

It’s the classic game, that everybody knows. As is often the case, it starts as a chill pre-drinking game and has the potential to end in chaos. However, one thing is sure – it’s always a lot of fun.
The Luminary app allows one to easily select which players have done said things before.

One advantage of the app; in the end you always get statistics. This allows you to crown a winner (who got the most points) as well as the dirtiest, most gentle, and best-looking person. Drinking rules; one sip for each thing that you’ve done before.

never have i ever drinking game

Back 2 Back

2 people sit back to back and it’s basically a sort of “who would rather” game where they can also collect points if they both pick the same person. They will be allowed to play until they make a mistake. Then two other players have the chance to collect points. Before switching, they can distribute as many sips as they have points.


It’s the classic, “who is most likely” game. On a count of three, every player points at one person that would most likely do what is shown in the app. The player who got the most votes has to take a sip – but hey, they also get a point.


This is basically the same as Charades or “Activity”. Players are split into two groups.  In altering order one player per team either has to explain, draw, or mime a word while the rest of the team tries to guess the word. They have 60 seconds to guess right.


Again, the teams are split into two. This time it’s the other way around. Everyone but one player of a team will take a look at a word. Each player then can give a one-word tip (it cannot include any parts of the right word). The player then tries to guess the term.

The Dealer

The Dealer or as we call it “f*ck the dealer” (in case you read this mom, sorry for the bad language), is one of our favorite card party games. If you didn’t bring cards, Luminary is a great alternative.
Find the rules for f*ck the dealer here.

Horse Race

As a drinking games fan you probably know this game. It’s another nice card game that is easy to play. We’ve shared a review and rules of Horse Race as well before.
The advantage when using Luminary is, that you don’t even need a player who takes care of flipping the cards. In other words, everyone can focus on cheerleading for their horses.

horse race app drinking game

Author’s evaluation:

Luminary, in our opinion, is a great party app. They did not reinvent the wheel, however, they’ve put great drinking games into a handy app. So, all these party games can be played everywhere without any equipment (except a smartphone).

In contrast to many other apps, Luminity is not free, it costs 1,99€. Still, this price is fair for the following reasons:

  • no ads
  • no personal data collected
  • no in-game paywall

Overall, we enjoyed playing the game and can definitely recommend downloading Luminary. By the way, the game is also available in German.

Have fun and drink responsibly 😀

P.S. let us know what you think about the game and feel free to suggest other games.

Specification: Luminary

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2 Players, 3-6 Players, 7-12 Players

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Under 20 minutes, Under 40 minutes

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Luck, Skills




Indoors, Outdoors

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