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PongUp is the perfect drinking game App to spice up classic beer pong or play other skill games that require throwing accuracy.

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8.3Expert Score
App Drinking Game - Awesone way to spice up beer pong
Players: 2-6
Materials: smartphone, PongUp App, cups, ping pong ball
Time: 10-30 minutes per game

  • Nice design
  • Easy to play
  • Variety of skill games

Instructions for PongUp Drinking Game App:

PongUp is a free app that can spice up the classic Beer Pong and promises additional fun. Similar to other Beer Pong variations, tasks are added to make Beer Pong more entertaining and fun for larger groups and spectators.

PongUp is a classic Beer Pong variant but there are also some skill games, like “Tug of War”, “Follow” or “Tic Tac Toe”. The premium version unlocks more games such as “Beer Pong Darts” or “Memory”.

Check out the description of the games in more detail below.

Rules of PongUp:

Classic beer pong upgrade:

  • Play the usual beer pong game
  • When you sink your throw, you click on the respective cup in the App
  • A task will pop up that might give one team the possibility to defend their cup, have another try, or many other options


PongUp Skill Games:

Additionally, PongUp includes a variety of skill games. In these games, the throwing accuracy is crucial as well, but the games’ setup differs from Beer Pong.

Tug of war

  • A filled cup is placed exactly at the center of the table
  • Players throw the ball one after the other
  • If the cup is hit, the opponent has to drink
  • It is then refilled and moved closer to the player who hit it
  • Whoever moves the cup beyond the last position wins



  • In this game, PongUp announces which cup should be hit next by highlighting it
  • Only the highlighted cup counts

This game makes the game extremely difficult so it should be played by experienced beer pong players only.



Tic Tac Toe

  • Start by putting the cups in a 3×3 formation in the middle of the table
  • Players throw the ball alternately
  • If you know Tic Tac Toe, the game is self-explanatory now



  • Each team starts the game with 3 cups
  • PongUp will show a formation (level 1)
  • Once all of the cups are hit, PongUp will show another 3-cup formation (level 2)
  • The same is true for level 3
  • The first team to finish all levels wins

This game is unlocked in the premium version only




  • You start with the classic beer pong formation
  • When a player hits two cups in a row, the formation of both players will be changed by PongUp

This game is unlocked in the premium version only



  • Each player chooses 5 cups
  • Do not let your opponent know which ones you chose
  • The first player who hits all 5 of the chosen cups wins

This game is unlocked in the premium version only



  • There are 8 different pairs of symbols
  • symbols are shown at the beginning
  • Try to memorize where the fitting symbols are
  • Then the symbols are hidden
  • If you hit a cup, you can uncover the hidden symbol
  • If you hit two different symbols in a row, they are hidden again
  • If you hit two identical symbols in a row, your opponent has to drink both cups and you “win” a pair
  • The first player to uncover 4 pairs wins

This game is unlocked in the premium version only



  • All players line up on one side
  • The cups are arranged at the other side
  • Now, every cup is worth a certain number of points (10-70)
  • Players start at 300 points and the numbers hit will be deducted
  • The player throwing prior to the one who hit has to take the number of points of the cup divided by 10
  • The goal is to be the first who gets exactly to 0
  • If you overthrow, you have to take the sips of the cup you hit divided by 10

This game is unlocked in the premium version only

pongup-drinking-app-darts’s review

PongUp is a great way to improve Beer Pong and the App also offers some creative games where throwing accuracy is crucial. In addition, the app offers a nice design and a pleasant user experience. Overall, we absolutely recommend this app and we use it regularly as well.

If you like party games, you should check our other drinking games as well

Have fun and drink responsibly 😀

Specification: PongUp

Player Size
Number of Players

2 Players, 3-6 Players

Level of Noise

Low, Medium


Low, Medium

Drunkenness Level

Like there's no tomorrow, Pro


Under 20 minutes, Under 40 minutes

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No, Yes


Indoors, Outdoors


Cups, Other, Apps

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