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Women’s EURO 2022 drinking game – Weuro England party

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It’s match day! Turn the Weuro 2022 into even more fun by playing the 2022 women’s EURO drinking game. General & game specific rules for the big final England versus Germany

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8.9Expert Score
Women’s EURO 2022 drinking game – Weuro England party
Great game for the big event
Players: 1 -11
Materials: TV/Laptop etc.
Time: 90 min + overtime?

  • Exciting to watch
  • Perfect for a group of friends
  • Turns watching the game fun for people who don't like football


womens euro 2022 drinking game


Women’s EURO 2022 drinking game

UEFA EURO in England, the mother of football, record crowds, stunning goals, and incredible emotions. This sounds like paradise for football fans like you and me.
So how could this possibly get any better? 

That’s right, by turning the matches into a drinking game. That’s exactly why we’ve put together a set of rules for you and your friends.

Rules for the 2022 Women’s EURO drinking game

Four nations are still in the tournament, three important games left (two semi-finals and the big final), two games to play to win the title, and only one team can lift the trophy. Let’s start with standard rules that can be applied to each of the remaining games, followed by specific rules per game.

General rules of the Weuro 2022 drinking game

  • Whenever a male person mentions that football played by men is more intensive, all (the guys drink 3 sips)
  • Whenever a woman mentions that a male player would be whining after “this” tackle, (all women take 3 sips)
  • Someone screams shoot – mind your own business (take a shot)
  • The commentator talks about the great atmosphere (2 shots)
  • Full-time draw – it’s important to stay hydrated. (Finish your drink)
  • Any reference to “both teams being winners.” (3 sips everyone)

Hero and enemy player rules

First of all note down all 22 players that are in the starting formation. Now every one of your friends draws two of them. The first name you draw is your hero player, the second one is your enemy player.

Whenever one of the following things happens to your hero player, you can distribute the sip(s). When it happens to your enemy player, take it yourself.

  • Your player’s name is mentioned (1 sip)
  • Your player fouls someone (1 sip)
  • Your player shoots (1 sip)
  • Your player is shown in close-up (2 sips)
  • Your player is in off-side (2 sips)
  • Your player gets a yellow card (3 sips)
  • Your player gets a red card (bad girl, finish your drink)
  • Your player scores (finish the drink)
  • Your player’s goal is disallowed by VAR (everyone else drinks no matter if it was a hero or enemy player)
  • Your player is substituted. (waterfall while she’s leaving the pitch). Now the new player takes over her role.


England vs Sweden Women's EURO Drinking game

Semi-final Weuro 2022: England – Sweden drinking game

While the favorite ball for many Swedes may be the meatball, they will give their all to prove that they deserve to win the title. However, England will do whatever is in their power to book their ticket to Wembley. Check out the rules for the game.

  • Beth Mead scores (everyone takes 2 sips)
  • The English team is called lionesses (everyone takes 2 sips)
  • The crowd sings “It’s coming home” (everyone takes 3 sips)
  • Filippa Angeldal scores (everyone takes 2 sips)
  • Fran Kirby assists (everyone takes 2 sips)
  • Kosovare Asllani assists (everyone takes 2 sips)

*rules are additional to hero/enemy player’s rules

Germany vs France Women's EURO Drinking game

Semi-final Weuro 2022: France- Germany drinking game

  • Grace Geyoro scores (everyone takes 2 sips)
  • Alexandra Popp scores (everyone takes 2 sips)
  • Sakina Karchaoui assists (everyone takes 2 sips)
  • Felicitas Rauch assists (everyone takes 2 sips)

women's Euro final england germany

2022 women’s EURO Final: England – Germany drinking game

  • Alessia Russo is subbed in
  • Beth Mead scores (everyone takes 2 sips)
  • The English team is called lionesses (everyone takes 2 sips)
  • The crowd sings “It’s coming home” (everyone takes 3 sips)

  • Alexandra Popp scores with a header (everyone takes 3 sips)
  • A reference to Germany’s eight titles is made (2 sips)

Have fun, drink responsibly, and let us know how you like the game! 😀

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Women’s EURO 2022 drinking game – Weuro England party
Women’s EURO 2022 drinking game – Weuro England party
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