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    Instructions for Sotally Tober
    To play this awesome top 10 card drinking game, you have to own the Sotally Tober card deck. Once you own it, there’s nothing holding you back from a great night, with […]


    Instructions for Hey Baby music drinking game:
    Whether you associate it with memories of your prom, legendary apres-ski parties, your visit to Oktoberfest, or birthday parties 10-20 years ago – e […]


    Instructions for SexyBack music drinking game:
    In our repertoire of drinking game songs, we just had to include Justin Timberlake’s 2006 classic SexyBack. He himself once described this song as […]


    Instructions for B*tch Boss music drinking game:
    Playing B*tch Boss is the perfect way to bring your party to the next level. Dance, sing and scream and of course drink like there is no t […]


    Instructions for Peaches – Music drinking game:
    Playing a Justin Bieber song at a party is never a bad idea. Adding some simple rules will improve the atmosphere even more.
    Peaches is more on t […]

  • Instructions for Crazy Eights cards drinking game
    This game is one of the simples card games and can also be played by people that had one or the other drink before.
    The optimal group size for Crazy Eights is […]

  • Instructions for Bullsh*t cards drinking game
    This game Bullsh*t is about lying (I was shocked how good my girlfriend was when we played it haha). First, the whole deck of cards is dealt. Then, start off with […]


    Instructions for Wellerman – Music drinking game:
    Wellerman, a 200 years old fisherman’s song about fishing whales and Social media do not get along well? Oh boy,  they do. This song went viral fi […]


    Instructions for Roxanne – Music drinking game:
    All you need is the world-famous song Roxanne, a drink, and your best performance on the dance floor.  Shake it up, get drunk and just have a gr […]

  • “Are you serious, nobody wants to play this weird game”

    This was my brother’s initial reaction when I suggested testing and rating this game. And guess what, you read this, so at least we caught your […]

  • Introduction of Mini Mini Golf:

    Mini-Mini Golf is a skill drinking game to play in-between other great games. The player who can focus best and is the most precise will lift the trophy at the end – the others […]

  • Ludo or “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” as the board game is in Germany where it was invented more than 100 years ago, is the most popular board game in Germany. It was sold more than 90 million times already. And gues […]

  • Instructions Dice or Die – dice drinking game:
    This game consists of multiple head-to-head duels. It is very easy and every player is entirely dependent on luck. There are four rounds. First, every competitor […]

  • Instructions Bloody Hell – dice drinking game:
    To start the party game, one player rolls the die. Then the player to the left has to match the same number. For that, s(he) can either match it with the first […]

  • Einführung Brett-Trinkspiel
    Wir alle haben dieses Spiel gespielt, als wir jünger waren, nicht wahr? Und um ehrlich zu sein, habe ich immer noch Angst davor, von diesem kleinen Kerl gebissen zu werden. C […]

  • Instructions Penguin Pile Up:
    Penguin Pile Up or Plitsch-Platsch Pinguin – as this board drinking game is called in Austria. Oh man I loved this game as a child – guess what, I still do. However, while I was […]

  • Don’t drink and fly – or in our case, fly right or drink. Looping Louie is a kid’s game that’s even more fun with alcohol as punishment for bad pilots. So buckle up, start the engines and show your friends that […]

  • Hippo Flip is a lively children’s game. As is the case for all the other children’s games we present here, with the addition of some rules it becomes a great board drinking game.

    Instructions for Hippo […]

  • Those who love Darts and regularly watch the world championship in the legendary Ally Pally, know that a big part of this sport is the atmosphere. Party, fun, crazy costumes, and one or the other beer make this […]

  • Instructions Dr. Bibber/Operation:
    Doctor Bibber or Operation as it is also called, is a great children’s game. The player with the steadiest hands and the one one who keeps his/her cool wins. As is often the […]

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