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    CaptnCup – Kartenspiel für Beer Pong
    CaptnCup ist ein deutsches Kartentrinkspiel, das das klassische Beer Pong ergänzt und noch lustiger macht.

    Das Spiel funktioniert gleich wie das klassiche Beer Po […]

    CaptnCup – Cards to upgrade Beer Pong
    CaptnCup is a German card game to complement the classic Beer Pong and make it even more fun.

    The balls are still thrown into the cups, with the difference that […]

  • Das FIFA Trinkspiel
    Jeder von uns kennt ihn. Der eine Freund, der denkt der beste FIFA Spieler zu sein – die Betonung liegt auf „denkt“. Mit dem FIFA 23 Trinkspiel kannst du ihm zeigen wer der wahre Gew […]

  • Trinkspü – Das Party Brettspiel
    Wenn du gerne Zeit mit deinen Freunden verbringst, Brettspiele spielst und trinkst, ist Trinkspü das perfekte Spiel für dich. Den Machern ist es gelungen, das Beste aus me […]

  • Attention: Trinkspü is in the German language!
    Introduction to the Trinkspü Board Drinking Game
    If you love spending time with your friends playing board games and drinking, Trinkspü is the perfect game fo […]

  • The FIFA 23 Drinking Game
    There aren’t many games that 95% of people start with confidence. FIFA is definitely one of them. Show your friends who’s the boss and make them drink one round at a time. Because the […]

  • Double the fun with our card drinking game set. Sotally Tober and Drunken Fool.
    The set allows you to get two games for the best price available.

    Get the games now!

  • Instructions for the Jeffrey Dahmer Drinking Game
    The Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix is the latest hype even breaking records of the Squid Game series (play the squid game drinking game).

    As watching the […]


    Women’s EURO 2022 drinking game

    UEFA EURO in England, the mother of football, record crowds, stunning goals, and incredible emotions. This sounds like paradise for football fans like you and me. […]


    Instructions for Game of Thrones drinking game:
    “There’s no story so good a drink won’t make it better” – Thoros of Myr.

    Precisely the same is true about series and movies – even in the case […]


    Instructions Harry Potter drinking game:
    The Harry Potter movies are iconic and one of those masterpieces that some people like to watch over and over again. To make it even more fun, add some r […]


    Instructions Harry Potter drinking game:
    The Harry Potter movies are iconic and one of those masterpieces that some people like to watch over and over again. To make it even more fun, add some r […]


    Card drinking game – Instructions for Drunken Fool
    Drunken Fool is one of the top drinking card games for 2-8 players.  It is best to play with a rather small group. The “foolishly funny” party game c […]

    Instructions for Drink Drank Drunk cards drinking game
    Drink Drank Drunk claims to be the party game of mis-beer-having. After testing it, I can say, that is absolutely true. But first things first – […]

  • Instructions for Electricity cards drinking game
    Are you looking for an easy-to-play cards game for 3-6 players? I’m delighted to tell you that you’ve come to the right place. If you like games that get you and […]

  • Instructions for Luminary app drinking game:
    Similar to other app drinking games Luminary offers various different mini-games – 7 to be precise.
    The 7 Luminary mini-games:
    Never Have I Ever
    It’s the classic […]

  • Instructions Rage Cage Drinking Game:
    If you like skill drinking games that can be played in larger groups, Rage Cage is the perfect party game for you! It is fast-paced, extremely exciting and will get you […]

  • Instructions for Irish Poker cards drinking game
    Looking for an easy card game for St. Patrick’s Day? This game is perfect for you. It is easy to play, only one player needs to know the rules, all you need is a […]


    Instructions Tinder Swindler drinking game:
    The Tinder Swindler is one of the latest highlights on Netflix. It shows how Simon Leviev swiped himself to wealth and a lifestyle like a super-rich. I […]


    Instructions for Drinkcracy:
    Drinkcracy is a drinking game similar to many other apps. Players have to either complete a task or take a certain number of sips. However, in this website-based game, a […]

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