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    Instructions Harry Potter drinking game:
    The Harry Potter movies are iconic and one of those masterpieces that some people like to watch over and over again. To make it even more fun, add some r […]


    Card drinking game – Instructions for Drunken Fool
    Drunken Fool is one of the top drinking card games for 2-8 players.  It is best to play with a rather small group. The “foolishly funny” party game c […]

    Instructions for Drink Drank Drunk cards drinking game
    Drink Drank Drunk claims to be the party game of mis-beer-having. After testing it, I can say, that is absolutely true. But first things first – […]

  • Instructions for Electricity cards drinking game
    Are you looking for an easy-to-play cards game for 3-6 players? I’m delighted to tell you that you’ve come to the right place. If you like games that get you and […]

  • Instructions for Luminary app drinking game:
    Similar to other app drinking games Luminary offers various different mini-games – 7 to be precise.
    The 7 Luminary mini-games:
    Never Have I Ever
    It’s the classic […]

  • Instructions Rage Cage Drinking Game:
    If you like skill drinking games that can be played in larger groups, Rage Cage is the perfect party game for you! It is fast-paced, extremely exciting and will get you […]

  • Instructions for Irish Poker cards drinking game
    Looking for an easy card game for St. Patrick’s Day? This game is perfect for you. It is easy to play, only one player needs to know the rules, all you need is a […]


    Instructions Tinder Swindler drinking game:
    The Tinder Swindler is one of the latest highlights on Netflix. It shows how Simon Leviev swiped himself to wealth and a lifestyle like a super-rich. I […]


    Instructions for Drinkcracy:
    Drinkcracy is a drinking game similar to many other apps. Players have to either complete a task or take a certain number of sips. However, in this website-based game, a […]


    Instructions for Power Hour – Music Drinking Game:
    There are a lot of things you can do in one hour. However, The Power Hour Drinking Game got to be one of the funniest ways to spend it.

    60 m […]


    Instructions for The Office drinking game:
    Being one of the all-time classics, The Office is not only perfect for a cozy day alone or with your loved ones on the couch. It is also a perfect show f […]

  • Instructions for Tipsy app drinking game:
    Similar to other app drinking games like iPuke, Party Vikings, or Burst, Tipsy is a fun game to play with groups at parties or when pregaming. All you need to play is a […]


    Instructions Modern Family drinking game:
    If you like both family Dumphy and drinking games as much as I do, this game is perfect for you. Check out the rules for Modern Family drinking game and m […]

  • Instructions for PongUp Drinking Game App:
    PongUp is a free app that can spice up the classic Beer Pong and promises additional fun. Similar to other Beer Pong variations, tasks are added to make Beer Pong more […]

  • Introduction of SipMaster drinking game:
    SipMaster is a revolutionary drinking game in which your sip size is measured using a scale. So how well you do in the competitions of the different game modes always […]


    Instructions Too hot to handle drinking game:
    Do you like trash TV and having a good time while having one or the other drink? Then the Too hot to handle drinking game is perfect for you. The r […]


    Instructions for Squid game drinking game:
    Squid game is the latest serious trend that has been breaking record over record. It has created such a buzz and as many viewers that the Korean b […]

  • Instructions Fear Pong Drinking Game:
    While everyone loves to play classic Beer Pong, we’ve tried to find a way to lift the legendary game to another level. While doing so, we’ve stumbled across a
    game that […]

  • Instructions Russian Roulette Beer Pong Drinking Game:
    Beer Pong is arguably one of the most famous skill drinking games in the world. However, there are multiple Beer Pong variations that make the game even […]


    Instructions Mario Kart drinking game:
    We all know Mario Kart and we all have played it. Yes, it is fun without alcohol, but believe me when I say that it is even more fun when turning it into a d […]

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