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Top 10 Music Drinking Game Songs


10 of the best drinking game songs

Music is an essential part of every good party. So are great drinking games. The obvious consequence is that a good variety of music drinking games turns an average party into a legendary one. With our top 10 list of classics, new songs, and hidden treasures you have all you need to play drinking games with your friends and you are ready to sing, and shout and let it all out. (;

Overview of the top 10 drinking game songs

Thunder – AC/DC

To start this list, we played it safe and chose the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC. This is an all-time classic, but guess what, it gets even better when you add one simple rule and make it a drinking game. 


So, the Thunder drinking game is quite easy-going. Here is the one rule:


Wellerman – Nathan Evans

The Sea Shanty is the oldest drinking game song on this list and still one of the latest ones to get famous. It went viral only in 2021 when a new version was published on TikTok. If you ask me, which you have indirectly done by reading this list, this song is the perfect fit for a drinking game. Just absorb the vibe of the song and you’re ready to go, sing, and dance (or you just drink)


The rules of the Wellerman drinking game song are as follows:


Peaches – Justin Bieber & Daniel Caesar

Playing a Justin Bieber song is never a bad thing at a party. While many resisted liking him at a young age, and mainly young hysterical girls were screaming and cheering for him, this changed in 2015, when it felt like even anti-Bieber hooligans turned into Beliebers. Well, of course, there are still some people who don’t like him – fair enough. Playing Peaches song at parties and turning it into a music drinking game will anyways raise the mood.


Here are the rules for Peaches drinking game song:


Danish Whip – Dario von Slutty

So far we had an all-time classic, a very old song that has become famous only 200 years after it was first sung, and a modern mainstream song by Justin Bieber. What is missing in this list so far, is a hidden treasure. There is no better widely unknown song than Pisk Mig Hardt when it comes to drinking game songs. This means as much as whip me hard in Danish. 


And that’s exactly what this song is all about. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a”whip-hop song” but you better get on the dance floor and start shaking your whips so that Shakira would be proud of you.


Here are the rules for this great Danish drinking game song.


Take on me – a-ha 

Another all-time classic is Take On Me by the Norwegian band a-ha. Get up, and turn the room you’re in into an 80s dance floor while getting drunk.

Check out the rules for Take on Me music drinking game here: 

B*tch Boss – Doja Cat

The song B*tch Boss by the German singer
Katja Krasavice was published in January 2020 and has been a huge success in Europe and beyond. In Germany, for example, the song led the charts for 11 weeks in a row.

It is not only highly danceable but also a great fit as a drinking game song. Beware, it is one of those that get you wasted in no time.

Here are the simple rules for B*tch Boss music drinking game:

What are you waiting for?

Single Ladies – Beyoncé

All the Single Ladies is another that makes the crowd go crazy in clubs. And it is no different with home parties. There is rarely a bad timing for this song (even, and especially, when there was a recent breakup, this song is a real ice breaker). So grab your drinks and make the dance floor yours.

Here are the rules for the Single Ladies music drinking game:

Hey Baby – DJ Ötzi

As Austrians, we had to include this song. It is one of those Austrian exports that the whole world knows (at least that’s what we think) and we are proud of, well kind of. Let’s just say that at least I am proud of this. All you need to do with Hey Baby is to not give a damn and just sing, or rather scream along.

Here are the rules for Hey Baby music drinking game:

Simple rules and a great song to sing along, what else can you expect (:

Roxanne – Police

Roxanne, another song that everyone, no matter age or origin, has heard before. Join Sting as loud as you can until the Police comes and finishes the party (I’m a little ashamed of this “pun” myself, but you’re still reading so you are probably as weird as we are).

Anyways, here are the rules for Roxanne drinking game song

SexyBack – Justin Timberlake

To finish this list off, we had to include Justin Timberlake’s 2006 classic SexyBack. The singer-songwriter himself described this song as “an experiment gone right from the sort of synthesizer influence to the distorted vocal”. If you ask me, that this song can’t be missing at a good party. Play this game with rather small sips and no hard liquor as you’ll have to drink quite often.

Add these two super simple rules and you’ll be ready to play SexyBack music drinking game:


When Justin says the line “I’ll let you whip me if you misbehave”, girls can act as if they whipped the guys and the roles change.


Finally, when Justin sings “I’m bringing sexy back” everyone has to drink when you hear the word “sexy”

Have fun and prepare to get wasted rapidly

With this list, you should have a first idea of what to play at your party. If you are looking for more ideas like card drinking games, dice drinking games, and a lot more, check out our main page.

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