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Below you can submit your drinking game once you registered on the site. You can also send the drinking game idea to You can register here.


As we strive to give our users the best overview of all existing drinking games, we allow you to submit your own drinking games as well. In this case please specify that you are the “inventor” or owner of this game and we will test your game and add it to our site. We might contact you to get more material/information in case you want to highlight your website or sell your drinking game.


When you submit the drinking game, please refrain from bad language or adding of links to untrustworthy sites. If you don’t have an image, don’t worry, we will add it after we reviewed your submission.

We look forward to your drinking game ideas!

You need to first.

How we test & rate

Once submitted, we will look at the provided material. If everything looks good, we will perform research to get to know more about the game (in case there is something written about it already). We will then come up with a first rating. Once we have the initial rating, we will test the game in a group. To test the complexity of the games, we will not present the rules but rather let others read and explain the rules. Once we finished the game, we will combine our experience with the rating of our first impressions (research & experience). If there are questions and we have an oppportunity to reach out to the inventor/seller of the game we might do so as well.


Next, we will upload the game. Now YOU have the chance to test and rate the game yourself. In the feedback section of the game, you can then enter your ratings. These will have an impact on the original rating and therefore change them. As we strive for a community rated drinking game platform, we urge you to only submit ratings of games, you have tested.


Together, we will make every party a great party!

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