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Top 10 Beer Pong Variations

Beer Pong – a legendary game that is coined the mother of all drinking games by many. In case you don’t live behind the moon, you already know the classic Beer Pong game rules. To spice things up, we’ve created a list of our top 10 Beer Pong Variations you need to try in 2022.

Classic Beer Pong Rules


Chances that you don’t know how beer pong works are close to zero. Still, to build common ground, the classic game rules will be briefly introduced.

Things you need:

  • 10 cups per team

  • 2 ping pong balls

  • Beer Pong table (or anything similar)

  • Beer

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 How it works:

  • Two teams with 1-3 players each

  • 10 cups are set up in a pyramid formation (4-3-2-1)

  • Cups are filled with 2-3 cans of beer (or other alcohol) per team

  • Now the balls are thrown (2 throws in a row per team) and should land in the cups

  • WATCH YOUR ELBOWS!!! (keep them behind the edge of the table)

  • If a cup is hit it has to be drunk and removed from the field

  • The first team that hits all cups wins, the other team has to drink the leftovers from the winning team

Additional rules:

  • Both balls sunk -> balls back

  • Both balls sunk in the same cup -> balls back + 2 extra cups removed

  • Ball jumps back to the thrower’s side -> trickshot

  • Ball circles in the cup -> girls can blow out the ball, boys can finger them out (or to be super inclusive, everyone is allowed to do both)

  • Re-rack the cups twice per game

  • Bouncing ball -> defenders may stop the ball from hitting their cups

  • Bouncing ball -> if a bouncing ball hits a cup, a second one has to be taken away

  • Death cup -> hitting a cup in one of the player’s hands wins the game for the throwing team

  • On fire -> If a player hits two cups in a row, She/he has to say “heating up”. When they hit the third cup in a row they can call “I’m on fire” and get the ball back until they fail to hit a cup


Beer Pong Variation #1: Russian Roulette

Now that we have agreed on the basic rules, we are ready to spice things up. One way of doing this is by playing the Russian Roulette version of this awesome party game.

While real-life Russian Roulette is played with live ammo and one player will lose his/her life, in this case, the worst thing that can happen is that you lose the game. Well, maybe some memories will be lost as well but this is part of the game, I guess.


Things you need in addition to the classic game:

  • A shot of Vodka 

How the Russian Roulette variation works:

  • Before starting the game each team can add one shot of vodka to one of the opponents’ cups. Do not let them know which one it is and enjoy their fear before every sip.

Beer Pong Variation #2: Fear Pong

Things you need in addition to the classic game:

  • Fear Pong the game

How Fear Pong works:

Fear Pong is an expansion to Beer Pong. It is intended to make the game even more fun and entertaining. This is done by placing a tile under each cup. On these cards, there are tasks, so-called dares. When a cup is hit, you can decide whether to drink the cup or perform the task. If you decide to do the task, it is removed from the game. The next time the cup is hit, it must be drunk. 

So the Fear Pong dares serves a kind of second life for each cup. If you complete each task, you haven’t lost until your opponent has hit each cup twice. 

The idea behind this is that Beer Pong is no longer just a drinking game, but is combined with dares. In Fear Pong, these dares often also have an erotic character and help players get closer to each other.

Beer Pong Variation #3: King Pong

Things you need in addition to the classic game:

  • King Pong Card game

How King Pong works:

Like Fear Pong, King Pong is an addition to traditional Beer Pong. It is a set of cards that makes regular Beer Pong even more fun. Before each throw, you have to take one of 54 cards and read it out loud.

The cards include tasks like “throw like a T-Rex” or “shake your booty while throwing”.

Beer Pong Variation #4: Civil War Beer Pong

Other than the regular game, Civil War Beer Pong is fast-paced, stressful, and chaotic. Just about right for a drinking game, isn’t it?

Things you need in addition to the classic game:

  • 3 Players per team

  • A total of 9 cups per team

How the Civil War variation works:

Each of the players puts 3 cups in a line in front of them. The balls are thrown without a clear order. That means you don’t have to wait for anyone. There are no rules about when you can pick up a ball. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for the ball to come back to your side, and (except for after your cup was hit) you can throw the ball at all times.


To avoid physical fights for the ball we suggest that picking up the ball on the other half is only allowed after it fell down the table and touched the ground.


Once all three cups of a player were hit, they can no longer throw the ball. Pro tip – Try to “kill” the opposing player with the highest throwing accuracy.


Win the game by eliminating all of your opponents, and watch them finish the remaining beers of your team.


Beer Pong Variation #5: Card Pong

Card Pong is a somewhat different Beer Pong experience. In fact, you neither need cups nor a ball. All you need is the card game and beer. This makes this game a perfect fit for playing with your friends remotely or at a night out (when you can’t bring cups and balls).

Things you need in addition to the classic game:

  •  Card Pong – Card Set

How Card Pong works:

  • There are action cards and cup cards and the setup is just like classic Beer Pong. The team with the “turn” card is the shooting team. The other one defends. 
  • Now both teams draw an action card from the deck. 
  • If the shooting team draws the higher card, you “hit” the shot. You can now choose one of your opponents’ cup cards to flip. Do what it says.
  • If the action card of the defending team is higher, you missed the shot.
  • When there is a tie, both shooter and defender take a drink.
  • Each team shoots twice, then the “turn” card is handed over to the other team. 

Finally, there is also the coin flip option. Flip a coin, if it lands on one of your opponents’ cards, you can flip two cup cards.

Beer Pong Variation #6: Demolition

Beer Pong Demolition is a great alternative to the classic game. One could say it brings the game to another level.

Things you need in addition to the classic game:

  • 14 red cups per team

How Demolition works:

You start by setting up the classical cup formation (4-3-2-1). Then you put three cups in a triangle on top of the other ones and add the last cup on top of the three ones. That way you will have three levels of red cups.

Now you have to make your way down from top to bottom. The order is important. You have to eliminate the top cup first, followed by the three cups on the second level, and end it with the 10 cups on the table. Balls hitting a cup of a lower than top level, you have to take one sip and the cup can’t be taken away.

If you hit a cup and it falls into another one of a lower level, both of them are eliminated and the defending team has to drink them. However, if a cup is it and flips over on the table or the floor, it gets filled up and put up again. The person who threw the ball has to clean up the mess.

Other Beer Pong rules like bouncing and similar apply as usual.


Beer Pong Variation #7: CaptnCup

CaptnCup, similar to Fear Pong and Kings Cup, is a card game that complements the classic Beer Pong game. CaptnCup is the best option on the market for German speaking players.

Things you need in addition to the classic game:

  • CaptnCup card set

 How CaptnCup works:

There are 4 categories of cards in this game (diamond, skull, boat, anchor). All of these cards have either a positive or a negative immediate effect on your team or there are additional rules for all players.

Beer Pong Variation #8: Golf Beer Pong

Golf Beer Pong is the perfect game for players with caddy issues. Playing this game. you can show your friends who is the boss and let them kiss your putt.
Enough of these bad puns, here’s what you need.

Things you need in addition to the classic game:

  • Beer Pong Golf set
  • A Golf Pitch
  • A plastic Golf ball

 How Beer Pong Golf works:

In this case, the rules are pretty self-explanatory. Every player/team has two shots per round. Instead of throwing the ball, you use the Golf pitch. Other than that, the same rules as in original Beer Pong apply.

Beer Pong Variation #9: Mad Pong

Mad Pong, like some of the other Beer Pong alternatives that we’ve introduced so far, is an evolution of the original game. It is more inclusive for bigger groups and will keep your beer clean.

Things you need in addition to the classic game:

  •  Mad Pong Set
    • 22 hexagonal cups
    • 4 shot cups
    • 33 challenges
    • 3 ping pong balls

 How Mad Pong works:

Appart of the shape of the cups, Mad Pong doesn’t differ from the classical game at first. It gets different only after you hit one of the cups. Inside of each one of them, a card is placed (it floats and will prevent dirt from coming in contact with the beer). 

Each of these cards shows a command that the player who drank the beer has to perform. All the other players have to imitate this action. The slowest takes a shot!

Beer Pong Variation #10: Flip Cup Pong / Flong

Flong is a hybrid of two of the most popular games in drinking game history – Beer Pong and flip cup. Sounds like a combination that is just as good as combining hops, malt, yeast, and water. Check it out

Things you need in addition to the classic game:

  • At least 2 players per team

 How Flip Cup Pong / Flong works:

Flong is played like the original game until you sink the ball in one of the cups. This is when your teammate and one player from the other team drink one cup each (that was filled up and placed at the side of the table) and start flipping it.

 If the player from the offensive team manages to flip the cup successfully first, the cup of the opponents’ pyramid is eliminated. However, if the player of the defending team manages to flip the cup first, the cup is defended and the defending team gets both balls.

Don’t forget to switch positions.

Testing this list of our top 9 Beer Pong variations should keep you busy for a while. Let us know what you think of them and feel free to tell us about other awesome variations.

In the meanwhile, you should also check out other drinking games at

Drink responsibly!

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