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Top 10 Card Drinking Games


Let me guess, you found a funny card drinking game that you play over and over again with your friends. Is it Ring of Fire or the famous Beeramyd? Fair enough, we also love to play these classics when it comes to card drinking games. Still, the reason you are here now is that you want to broaden your horizon and find new awesome party games. In case this is true, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the top 10 drinking games with cards here.

Overview of the 10 best card drinking games

Drunken Fool

Drunken Fool is one of the top card drinking games for 3-8 players. Best to play with a rather small group, it’s the optimal gift for birthdays or as a game to bring to home parties. 64 cards and four categories including action, fool rule, power, and break cards guarantee fun for every player. Overall it’s a great game to start the night, especially people who like puns will love the game.

F*ck the Dealer

F*ck the Dealer is a classic card drinking game that lives up to its name. It all starts with the oldest player being the dealer. (s)he turns to the left neighbor, who guesses which card is on top of the deck. The dealer checks the cards and says higher, lower, or correct. If it is not correct, the player has another chance. After that, the dealer flips the card and the player has to drink the same amount of drinks as the difference between the card and the guess (e,g, guess:7, card: 4 = 3 sips). In case of the player guesses right at the first attempt, the dealer has to take 4 sips, if the player gets it right at the second guess, the dealer has to take two sips. The dealer can only lose the job when three people in a row fail to guess the card right. In that case, the deck of cards will be handed over to the person to the left, who is then the next dealer. If you want to get one person hammered, you can put the played cards openly on the table, so that the situation gets worse and worse for the person who is the dealer at the end.

Drunk Uno

Every child knows Uno and nearly all of us loved to play the card game. For adults, this game might not be the most exciting one. However, by just adding a few rules, this game becomes an awesome card drinking game for every party. It is easy to start with, fast-paced, and fun is guaranteed. The adult version works just as the usual Uno game improved by some additional rules (if you don’t know the traditional rules, please seek help elsewhere. Also, we are sorry for your lost childhood).
Every player gets 7 cards. The first player to get rid of all the cards is allowed to pick other players who have to drink. How many of them (3 or 2) depends on how many players join the game. Also, make sure to be clear what the punishment is – a shot, a sip of a long drink, or just a sip of beer? The game proceeds until there are only 2 players left. Both of them have to take a punishment drink/sip as well.

Horse Race


Horse Race is an easy and quick card drinking game that can be played and finished in a few minutes. All you need is a deck of cards and Fortuna on your side. First, put the four Aces next to each other. They are now the horses taking part in an exciting race. Next, put four cards face-down in a row . These will be the “cramp cards” that make your horse fall back. Next, every player puts a bet in the form of sips on one of the four horses. Choose the number of sips you’d like to risk and take them right away. Don’t be boring and show some balls. In case your horse wins, you can hand out double the amount you bet. After every player has placed the bets the race starts. To keep it realistic, it starts with a shot (every player takes a shot). Then one card after the other is being flipped from the main deck. The horse of the same kind (e.g. hearts) gets a boost and can start running to the next field. The horse that passes the goal line first wins. But watch our, whenever the last of the four cards reaches a new row, the cramp card will be flipped. The horse of the same kind gets a cramp and falls back one row. That’s it, good luck!

Sotally Tober


5 categories, 125 cards, and a lot of fun – this is what Sotally Tober card drinking game offers. The categories are Activity, Skill, Curse, Secret, and Decree. The first of these lists and activities you have to perform. This could, for example, be a staring contest. The skill cards give you the power to perform a certain skill. This could for example be that you are the ice (wo)man meaning, whenever you cross your arms, everyone has to freeze. Who moves, has to drink in that case. The third set of cards, the curse, will give a challenge that makes the game harder, like only allowing you to use the left hand. The secret categories in turn come with secret instructions you can give to one of the other players. Finally, the decree cards allow you to feel like a president for a while. What you say has to be followed by everyone. You can, for example, come up with the rule that every player has to raise the class and say cheers before drinking – every time, no exceptions!


Another game that made it to the top 10 drinking game list in that category is Bullshit. This game is about lying (I was shocked how good my girlfriend was when we played it haha). First, the whole deck of cards is dealt. Then start off with one card in the middle. Now the first player has to put one card face-down to the middle that is either one higher, one lower or the same as the one in the middle. In case you don’t have such a card in your hand, there’s only one way to go – straight up lying. The other players can either believe you and it’s the next player’s turn or they say “Bullshit”. If that is the case, you have to show your card. If you were falsely accused of being a liar, the one who called you out has to take three sips. However, if you get busted lying, you have to take a sip – shame on you! Additionally, you have to take the pile of cards. The player who gets rid of all the cards first wins, and can hand out 5 sips.


Buzzed is a fun drinking game for adults. It includes 180 cards that should be read out loud. One player after the other takes a turn. Depending on the cards either only one player or all have to drink when the funny question applies to them.

Black Widow


Ready to use some fantasy? Alright, here we go. This game is about a queen whose husband was killed by some of the villagers. So she puts on her black suit and starts taking revenge by killing one after the other. One courageous detective tries to find and stop her.

All you need to play this drinking game is, besides a little imagination, a deck of cards. Before you start, pick out the Queen in spades (killer), a Jack in diamonds (detective), and as many cards in hearts (villages) as there are players minus to. In other words, in the deck, there should be as many cards as there are players. Now you hand out the cards and everyone secretly takes a look. The black widow now starts to kill other players by blinking at them. Once a player is killed s(he) says “I’m dead’ and drinks. As the widow, don’t get caught blinking at your victim, as the detective is trying to find out who the black widow is. In fact, after every murder, the detective has to guess who the killer is. Is (s)he right, the black widow has to drink and a new game starts. In case the detective is wrong s(he) has to drink. As the widow, try to find out who is the detective, as trying to kill that player will get you busted.

Cards Against Humanity


This card game has become a classic throughout the last years and you can, without a doubt, spend a great time playing this game without alcohol. Hoooowever, adding a few rules that make this card game a drinking game will bring the fun to the next level. It works the same way as traditional Cards Against Humanity – the “Card Czar” picks a black card that includes a sentence or a few words and a blank space. All the other players who hold 10 white cards have to pick the best fitting or funniest one. After everyone has done that, the chosen cards are shuffled and the Czar picks the funniest. In the drinking version, s(he) picks the top 3. The funniest can pick three people who have to take a sip, the second one can give away two and the third can choose one player who has to take a sip. After that, the next player will be the Czar, and the whole thing repeats.

As an additional rule, you can agree that in every round the Czar also picks the least funny card. The player who picked that one has to take three additional sips.



This drinking game is one of the more exciting ones. Busdriver guarantees two things – fun and to get at least one player hammered. So how does it work? All you need to play is a deck of cards and you can start with the first of three phases.


Phase 1

Phase 1 consists of four rounds after each player keeps the card they got.

Round 1: Black or Red? 

The dealer asks one player after the other, which color they think their card will have. If they guess right, they can distribute on sip if not, they have to take one themselves


Round 2: Higher or Lower? 

The same happens in round two, but this time everyone has to guess whether the card is high or lower than the first card they got. You can also say it is the same, in that case, you can pick a player who has to finish his or her drink.

Round 3: Outside or Inside? This round we call penalty. So you have to guess whether the third card is in between your first two cards, which we call goal, or outside, which we call miss. You can also take the risk and say that you hit the same, you already got (the post). If you take that risk and you are right, you can distribute 5 sips.

 Round 4: Which suit? 

In the final round, you have to guess the correct suit. If you do so, you can distribute 5 sips, if you fail you only have to take 1.


Phase 2 – The Pyramid

 Now every player got four cards and you can start creating a 5 layered pyramid out of cards facing down on the table. The goal is to get rid of more cards than the other ones. The one who has the most cards at the end won the bus ticket and has to enter phase three (sounds like a good thing, but it isn’t).

Now you start at the bottom of the pyramid (row with 5 cards). Flip the first card. If one of your cards matches the one from the pyramid you play it and you can distribute one sip. This number increases for every level (first row = 1 sip per card, second row = 3 sips per card, third row = 5 sips, fourth row = 7 sips and the top row = 9 sips). As mentioned before, the player with the most cards at the end has to enter the bus (or phase 3)


Phase 3 – The Bus ride

 There are many different ways to play this. We’ve chosen one of the simpler ones here. The player who is trapped in the bus has to try to get out by answering the four questions from Phase 1 correctly in a row. If (s)he fails to do so, s(he) has to start over again and drink the number of sips of the round. (round 4 is the hardest, which usually leads to many fails here which leads to four sips in each round). The game is over when the player nails all 4 rounds or when the deck runs out of cards.

This is our list of top card drinking games. Check out many more party games and awesome dice, music, movie, skill and board drinking game

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