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Top 10 Children’s Games Turned into Drinking Games

Top 10 games for kids that are more fun when turned into drinking games


If anything, the Squid game hype has shown that people like children’s games played by adults… with a little twist. While players in the series are getting eliminated by being shot, the following games will not end deadly – even though shots will be the punishment as well. In this case, I mean shots of liquor, of course. Let’s get started with our top 10 children’s games turned into drinking games right away.

Penguin Pile Up drinking game


This game is a literal ice-breaker. It can be a great game to start a party off and get the Pole position for other games. It is equally as much, if not more fun, once people start to get a bit tipsy. 


Penguin Pile Up drinking game rules

Players: 2-8

Materials: Penguin Pile Up

Duration: 5-15 mins per round


This board drinking game is all about balance. If you can’t find it during the game, you’ll have a hard time balancing your body afterward for sure.


  • Every player gets the same amount of penguins at the beginning (e.g. 5)

  • Clockwise every player puts one penguin on the iceberg without throwing any of the other down

  • Take one sip for each penguin that falls down at your turn

  • When one player gets rid of all the penguins, (s)he wins and can hand out 5 sips 


This game is fun, but it is only the tip of the iceberg of all these great kids’ games turned into drinking games that you should check out. Let’s not wait and continue with the next one.

The Game of Life drinking game


Oh man, I loved the Game of Life when I was a kid. Did you too? Guess what, adding a few rules to turn it into a drinking game will make it as much fun now as it was back then.


The Game of Life drinking game rules

Players: 2-6

Materials: The Game of Life

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Play the game as it is usually played. Adding the following rules will make it a fun board drinking game for small groups.

  • Anytime a player accidentally pulls the spinner off its base, (s)he must take a sip

  • If a player chooses to go to college, (s)he has to take a sip before every round until (s)he finished studying

  • You’ve got a kid in the game? Congrats! Take a sip to celebrate. Also, take a sip before every one of your turns… kids are not cheap

  • In case you bought stocks, you can distribute one sip every time your number is spinned

  • Hand out a sip when it’s your payday

  • The player who has the least money at the end must drink the cup that was mixed by the scientist (see below). The second worst player drinks 1 shot. Additionally, the winner can hand out 5 sips.

Additional rules for the Game of Life drinking game


  • Secret Agent – When someone lands on your field a round of Russian Roulette starts. Get out as many shot glasses as players are in the game. Now you fill one of them with Vodka and the others with water. The agent secretly decides who gets the Vodka. Now everybody takes the shots at the same time 

  • Lawyer – You can argue why you don’t want to drink. The group decides whether your argumentation was good enough.

  • Doctor – Whenever someone comes on one of your fields you can give them a shot

  • Veterinarian – You’re a bit too much into your job. You have to make the barking sound of a dog (“wuff”) whenever another player passes your car. Take 2 sips if you forget.

  • Professional athlete – You have to stay hydrated. Drink the same amount of water as you drink alcohol.

  • Teacher – When a player lands on your field, (s)he has to say “Cheers to teachers name 5 times before drinking”

  • Police Officer – When a player lands on one of your fields you can start a shotout. The player on your field has to take a shot. They can choose to shoot back. Then the officer also has to take a shot but is allowed the shot again. 

  • Scientist – Whenever someone lands on one of your fields, you can add something to the cup in the middle that has to be drunk by the loser at the end.

Check out more rules at


Looping Louie drinking game



Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for one of the most famous kid’s games turned into a drinking game. This board drinking game is all about good timing and keeping your cool. Show fast reactions and press the lever at the right time to save Louie from crashing into your barn. 


Looping Louie drinking game rules

Players: 2-4

Materials: Looping Louie board game

Duration: 5 minutes per round

To win the Looping Louie drinking game, you have to push the lever at the right time. This way you’ll avoid Louie crashing into your barn. 


  • Each player has 3 lives

  • When Louie lands on your field, you lose a life and have to take a sip

  • When losing all of your lives, you have to take a shot

  • The winner can distribute as many sips as lives (s)he has left


Drinking Ludo

Ludo is a classic kid’s game that was invented more than 100 years ago and was sold more than 90 million times. And you’ve guessed it right, it is a perfect board game to be played as a drinking game. Check out Drinking Ludo in more detail. 

Drinking Ludo rules

Players: 2-4

Materials: Drinking Ludo

Duration: 20 – 40 minutes per round

I’m pretty sure you know the standard rules of Ludo. Here’s the twist to make it more fun.

  • When you land on the same field as your opponents, you “beat” them. They have to take a shot

  • When you manage to enter into your “house” with your playing piece, everyone else has to take one sip

  • When you can enter your house and have to start another round, you have to take 2 sips

If that is too boring for you, there is the possibility to add additional rules like.

  • “Two for you” – You can choose one person taking a sip

  • “Three for me” – You have to take a sip

  • “Four to the floor” – When a 4 is thrown, everyone has to put down both hands on the floor/table. The last one takes a sip

There is no limit to additional rules, so just be creative.

drinking ludo board drinking game

Operation drinking game


The Operation drinking game is ruthless. It’s all about steady hands. As you know, alcohol can both help with keeping calmer hands (that’s why it is defined as doping in many sports) and make your life hell in terms of steady hands. Hence, it all comes down to the level of intoxication and your mental strength to keep your cool as well as make your friend lose theirs.


Operation drinking game rules

Players: 2-8

Materials: Operation game

Duration: 10 minutes per round

  • Whenever you touch the patient, the game will peep – take a sip

  • If you get out an organ successfully, you can distribute as many games as the card shows

This children’s game turned into a drinking game is the perfect activity at parties for medical students and is a nice gag present for one of your medicine friends.

Wizard drinking game



Some of you might say Wizard is not a typical kids’ game – fair enough. I also still like to play the non-drinking game version as well. However, the drinking game perfectly fits into this list.

Wizard drinking game rules

Players: 2-6

Materials: Wizard card game

Duration: 30 minutes per round

The rules of this game are quite easy and do not need a lot of explanation.

  • Take a sip for every trick that you’re missing

  • Take a sip for every trick that you’ve made too much

  • The winner distributes 5 sips

  • The loser takes a shot

You can add some rules like “Four to the floor” or “Seven to heaven”.


Jenga drinking game


Jenga is another one of those kid’s games that can be turned into great skill drinking games where steady hands are key. 

Drunk Jenga rules

Players: 2-6

Materials: Jenga

Duration: 1 – 10 minutes per round


  • When you successfully pull out a block, the other players have to take a sip

  • When you successfully pull out a block that leaves only the middle one to balance the tower, everyone else takes 2 sips

  • The player who makes the tower collapse has to finish their drink and/or take a shot

To spice things up, you can also write tasks on the blocks that need to be done by the player pulling them out


Battleship - Battleshot


Battleship is another game you’ve played before for sure. Its combination of simplicity, strategy, and luck makes it a popular game among kids. For most adults, it’s rather boring, which can easily be changed by turning it into a drinking game.


Battleshot rules

Players: 2 (you can play in teams to increase the number of players)

Materials: Battleship game or self-made Battleship game field

Duration: 10 minutes per round

Again, the rules don’t differ from the original game. Now, the twist is that for every action at least one player has to drink.


  • If you miss your opponent’s ships, take a sip

  • If one of your ships is hit, take two sips

  • If one of your ships is sunk, take a shot

  • Once the game is over, the loser has to take 3 sips for every ship that was not sunk yet, and 5 sips for every boat that is untouched.


Hippo Flip drinking game



I know, I know,  not everybody loves this game. But please, don’t be so hippo-critical. Even Shakira knew it – hips don’t lie. Okay, I’ll stop trying to come up with hippo puns that work, they clearly don’t. But hey, do you know what does work? Turning Hippo Flip into a drinking game.

Hippo Flip drinking game rules

Players: 2-4

Materials: Hippo Flip

Duration: 2 minutes per round

For this fast-paced drinking game, you only need two rules.


  • Red ball = distribute one sip each

  • Yellow ball = take a shot yourself

Beware if you are called Phillip as I am, as my friends started to call me Hippo Flip (Phillip) after I tested a few too many games and grew a little beer belly (;




With these 10 kids’ games turned into drinking games, you will be ready for plenty of great nights with your friends. If you’d like to see more party games, check out and reach out to us to let us know what you think of the games. 


Also, let us know if you have any other games that are missing from this list.


Have fun and drink responsibly.

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