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Drinking Games for your 21st Birthday Party

Becoming an adult is a big thing. In the US, by law, this happens when you turn 21. It is also the age when you are legally allowed to drink alcohol. Of course, turning 21 is special for everyone, and you certainly want to celebrate it with some awesome party games.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most legendary birthday party drinking games for your special day. All of these drinking games are connected to the number 21 and perfectly fit the overall theme of the 21st birthday.

21 the Movie – Drinking Game

To kick the night off, start your night with the movie “21”. The 2008 movie features a MIT student and his group who are high roller BlackJack players. By counting cards they try to trick Vegas Casinos, leading them into a lot of trouble.

Now, here are some rules to spice things up. Drink when…


  • Anyone says “winner, winner, chicken dinner”

  • Harvard med school is mentioned

  • A secret signal is used

  • The team has a meeting

  • One can see the interior of a casino security room

Black Jack(ie) - Drinking Game

After watching the movie there is no way you are not in the mood to play BlackJack yourself. But instead of playing for money, you should turn it into a drinking game. The rules are the same as in classical Black Jack. In this case, however, you are allowed to distribute one sip if you win a round. In case you lose, you obviously have to take that sip yourself. This game will definitely get you wasted quite fast. We suggest drinking Jackie Cola while playing the game.

21 Darts – Drinking Game

In case you have a darts board at home, this is one of the best skill drinking games you can play. The rules are easy.


  • Decide on an order

  • Now, the  first player throws 3 darts and has to get   at least 21 points (e.g. 27 points)

  • Now, the next player has to exceed this number by at least 1 point (e.g. 28 points or higher)

  • It goes on like this until one player fails to exceed the number that was thrown before (she/he needs to take a sip and loses one life)

  • Now, the next player just needs to get at least 21 again.

  • Once a player lost all 3 of their lives (2 if more than 8 players join) she/he has to jug a drink

Special rules for 21 Darts Variation - Skill Drinking Games

Do you want to speed things up and keep everyone focused on the game? Add some rules like


  • “4 to the floor”

  • “7 to heaven”

  • Bullseye -> everybody, but the thrower drink one sip

21 -The Drinking Game

One of the classics at every party is 21, the counting game. You know, the one where people circle up and try to count to 21 as a group.

The rules are super easy and the difficulty escalates over time. So does the alcohol level of players. Sounds like fun right? Check out the basic rules and some ideas for additional ones.

  • Players circle up

  • The youngest player starts by saying 1

  • Clockwise the players say out loud the numbers until number 21 is called

  • The player who ended up with “21” takes a sip and comes up with a rule

  • These rules will make it harder to reach number 21. Whenever a player forgets a rule she/he has to take a sip and the next player starts at “1” again.


Obviously, the better the added rules are, the funnier the game gets. Some ideas for additional rules are.


  • Switch numbers -> e.g. say “12” instead of “6”

  • Stand up instead of saying a certain number

  • Instead of saying “20” say “Alex (name of birthday kid) is turning…”

  • Call out a beer brand instead of a certain number

  • Clap whenever the number can be divided by 7


There are no limits to new rules, so just be creative!


Playing these games will turn your 21st birthday party into a legendary night. To see dozens more drinking game ideas + ratings, check out now!



Remember that all games can also be played with water for those who drive or are not legally allowed to drink yet. Have fun and let us know how you like the games.

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