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By visiting you agree to follow all rules and behave in a way that does not harm or in offend others. I am aware that drinking in excess can have a bad impact on my health & surroundings and should therefore drink responsibly. In addition, drinking can change someones perception and mind, that is why we urge you to be responsible when drinking and avoid driving. Every game can also be played with water or any non-alcoholic drink as well as poker chips, therefore, it doesn’t always require drinking alcohol.

You also agree to follow the laws of your country and you will not drink alcohol if this is prohibited by age or any other law in your country.

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If you want to upload or promote your own drinking game, this is possible. We will evaluate the game as any other. In case it is a game that can be bought, please also contact us via email ( Please also only upload links that are trustworthy.

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On some games, we are linking to partner companies through an affiliate link. This means, we will earn money based on a purchase that has been made. As we somehow need to pay for running the website and compensate the work we put in, this is how we chose to make money (next to possible ads on our site). We test our games and give our best to make the best recommendations and reviews. The affiliate links and possible earnings therefore do not influence our ratings. Many of our games also do not need additional purchases as you will have most of the material needed at your home. In addition, the expert score on each drinking game is also influenced by comments and reviews of our community. Therefore, we are not alone in deciding which games are good and which are not.

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We wish you great party nights and don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking water and drinking responsibly.


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