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Rage Cage Drinking Game (Stack Cup and Stacky Cup)

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Rage Cage, also Stack Cup, is one of the most exciting skill drinking games we know. Even more so when more players join the party game. All you need are two ping pong balls, cups, and beer.  Get it started now!

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Rage Cage Drinking Game (Stack Cup and Stacky Cup)
Amazing skill drinking game for groups
Players: 5-15
Materials: cups, balls, drinks
Time: 5-10 minutes

  • One of the best skill games
  • Fast-paced
  • Awesome game for larger groups
  • Be careful to not get too drunk

Instructions Rage Cage Drinking Game:

If you like skill drinking games that can be played in larger groups, Rage Cage is the perfect party game for you! It is fast-paced, extremely exciting and will get you drunk for sure. Sound like a dope drinking game, right? It is!

Learn how to play this engaging game that, by the way, you might know under the name of Stack Cup or Stacky Cup.

Things you need for the Skill Party Game:

One of the big advantages of the game is, that not a lot of equipment is needed.

  • 20+ cups (depending on the number of players)
  •  2 ping pong balls
  • Beer

Rules of Rage Cage

  • Fill the cups with beer (1/3 or 1/2)
  • Put the cups in the middle of a table
  • Players stand around the table
  • Two players opposite of each other start trying to bounce the ball into an empty cup in front of them
  • The empty cup has to touch one of the filled ones
  • If a player hits the cup, s(he) give the cup to the neighbor to the left.
  • There is a race of the balls now
  • As soon as one ball catches up to the next player, s(he) can stack the cup into the other player’s one
  • The player who was caught has to drink one of the full cups now
  • Meanwhile, the left neighbor continues with the tacked tower (now 2 cups)
  • This goes on until der is no cup left in the middle.

Additional Rules that make Rage Cage fun

  • If a player unintentionally hits one filled cup, (s)he has to finish it before continuing to play
  • If a player hits the cup with the first try, (s)he doesn’t have to give the cup + ball to the direct neighbor but can choose who to give it to.
    • Usually, you’d pick a player right behind another one to get them under pressure

Special Rules:

  • To make the game a bit more exciting, you can use harder alcohol for one or more cups
  • Put this song for Rage Cage in the loop. Don’t ask us why, it just makes the game more fun 😀’s Review

Rage Cage or Stack Cup is one of our personal favorites. You can play it with big groups and still, it won’t be boring at any time. You need skills, a bit of luck and you can actively make your friends drink. Ah, and by the way, it will get you drunk for sure. To put it in a nutshell, yes we do love this game!

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Have fun and drink responsibly! 😀

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Specification: Rage Cage Drinking Game (Stack Cup and Stacky Cup)

Player Size
Number of Players

3-6 Players, 7-12 Players


Low, Medium

Drunkenness Level

Like there's no tomorrow, Pro


Under 20 minutes

Focus on




Level of Noise

High, Medium


Indoors, Outdoors


Cups, Other

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Rage Cage Drinking Game (Stack Cup and Stacky Cup)
Rage Cage Drinking Game (Stack Cup and Stacky Cup)

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