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SipMaster Drinking Game

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The SipMaster drinking game is a true game-changer for pregaming and homepartys. Download the free app and buy the SipMaster or play it with a kitchen scale.

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7.5Expert Score
SipMaster Drinking Game
Awesome mini game that allows you to show your friends who is the boss
Players: 2-12
Materials: SipMaster App + SipMaster/Kitchen scale
Time: 1-40 minutes

  • Unlike any other drinking game
  • Nice combination of skill and strategy

Introduction of SipMaster drinking game:

SipMaster is a revolutionary drinking game in which your sip size is measured using a scale. So how well you do in the competitions of the different game modes always depends on your drinking game skills, not on dice or card luck. Estimate your sips more accurately than your friends and become a SipMaster!

Once you download the drinking game app (Android / iOS), you can play various games and categories including:

  • Team games
  • KO games
  • Tactical games

Rules of SipMaster drinking game:

When playing the SipMaster drinking game, you’ll win by accurately drinking a certain amount of your drink. Depending on the mini-game you choose, there are different ways to win.

Happy sip

This is the mini-game we suggest playing first to get a hang of the game. You’ll have to hit different target areas to pass to the next layer.
These layers are 10-30 ml, 30-50ml, and 50-70ml


Just enough

This is the easiest and fastest-paced mini-game. One player specifies an amount between 10 and 100 ml. The goal is to drink more than the specified limit, but stay as close as possible. The player who is over the limit, still the closest one wins. The player who drank the most loses, however, they can choose the next limit.

Additional rule: We figured out that it is great fun to punish those who drank too little with an extra shot.


Shoot out

In this game, players have to increase the amount that was taken step by step (10 ml each). Each player starts trying to drink between 10-20 ml.

  • Let’s say 3 players managed to land between 10-20 ml in the first round.
  • Next, the player with the lowest amount starts and has to increase his/her “score” by up to 10 ml. When the first try was 14 ml, the new goal is 14-24 ml now.
  • It’s always the turn of the player with the lowest “score”
  • Every player has 3 lives and for every missed attempt one of them will be deducted.
  • The game is over when only one player is left.



Players start with 180 and the goal is to reach 0 first. In each round, you can drink an amount between 9-60 ml. This number will be subtracted from your current “points”. In this game being accurate at the end is key. If finish below 10 but did not reach 0, your “point” will always be set back to 10. The same is true if you overscore.

You can change the level of difficulty so that you won’t have to accurately hit the 0.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas consists of 6 rounds in total. If you’ve seen Squid game, you might be alarmed by that number of rounds (by the way, check out our squid game drinking game). Don’t worry you won’t be “eliminated” in that game.

  • For this game, you’ll have to set up teams first. The goal is to collect as many points as possible as a team.
  • Now, each team has 10 moves per round. The first player of each team opens the round by drinking any amount above 25 ml. This amount + the difficulty level are the basis for the target area that other players on the team must hit.
  • Next, one player after the other of that team takes their turn until the team completes its round.
  • If the exact amount is drunk in direct succession, the points accumulated by the team so far will be doubled.
  • If a player fails to hit the target area, the round for the team immediately ends and the points of the round are lost.
  • Additionally, the team’s overall score will be halved.
  • After a team’s second turn is successful, the team can end the turn at any time and “safe” the points of this round.
  • When all teams have finished their turns, the next round begins.
  • The leading team starts this round
  • The team with the highest score at the end wins

Golf & Cricket

To unlock these games, you’ll have to pay €2,39 each.’s Review

This drinking game is truly different from most of the other games we’ve played so far. A great combination of skill and tactic makes this game exciting and funny at the same time. Moreover, and in contrast to many other drinking games, luck plays a minor role. SipMaster has quickly turned into a game that can’t miss at any of our partys.

By the way, you can buy the SipMaster as the number one option, but you can also play the game with a common kitchen scale. Just download the free app and get started.

If you want to check out more awesome drinking games, visit our page for more awesome drinking games.

Have fun and drink responsibly! 😀

Specification: SipMaster Drinking Game

Player Size
Number of Players

2 Players, 3-6 Players, 7-12 Players



Drunkenness Level

Like there's no tomorrow, Pro, Take it easy


Under 20 minutes, Under 40 minutes

Focus on

Skills, Strategy


No, Yes

Level of Noise

Low, Medium


Indoors, Outdoors


Other, Apps

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