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Beer Pong

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Beer Pong is the mother of all drinking games. Check out the rules including house rules and additional rules.

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Beer Pong
Awesome mini game that allows you to show your friends who is the boss
Players: 2-6
Materials: cups, balls, drinks
Time: 10-30 minutes

  • A lot of fun
  • One of the best skill games
  • Absolute classic
  • Perfect for tournaments or parties
  • Everybody knows it

Instructions Classic Beer Pong Skill Drinking Game:

Beer Pong is arguably one of the most famous skill drinking games in the world. However, there are different ways to play Beer Pong. Classic rules involve just hitting the cups. They can extend from getting balls back if two balls are hit in the same cup all the way to special rules such as trick shots or ways to end the Beer Pong game early through special shots (such as hitting an island). The main goal is to hit all cups on the opposite side before the own cups are hit. The game guarantees fun and exciting moments and you can play it in a quiet or loud environment. We recommend playing it with two or four people, however, it is possible to play it with more. Below all different versions will be described.

Things you need for Beer Pong:

  • 10 cups per team
  •  2 ping pong balls
  • Beer Pong table (or anything similar)
  • Beer

Rules of Classic Beer Pong

  • Two teams with 2-3 players each
  • 10 cups are set up in a pyramid formation (4-3-2-1)
  • Cups are filled with 2-3 cans of beer per team
  • Now the balls are thrown (2 throws in a row per team) and should land in the cups
  • WATCH YOUR ELBOWS!!! (keep them behind the edge of the table)
  • If a cup is hit it has to be drunk and removed from the field
  • The first team that hits all cups wins, the other team has to drink the leftovers from the winning team
  • Every player throws one dart per round
  • In case a player doesn’t hit the target, or the magnetic dart falls down again, (s)he has to take a shot
  • Agree on how many rounds you play per game

Try to start slow as this darts drinking game gets you hammered rapidly.

Additional rules for Beer Pong:

  • Both balls sunk -> balls back
  • Both balls sunk in the same cup -> balls back + 2 extra cups removed
  • Ball jumps back to the thrower’s side -> trickshot
  • Ball circles in the cup -> girls can blow out the ball, boys can finger them out (or to be super inclusive, everyone is allowed to do both)
  • Re-rack the cups twice per game
  • Bouncing ball -> defenders may stop the ball from hitting their cups
  • Bouncing ball -> if a bouncing ball hits a cup, a second one has to be taken away
  • Death cup -> hitting a cup in one of the player’s hands wins the game for the throwing team
  • On fire -> If a player hits two cups in a row, She/he has to say “heating up”. When they hit the third cup in a row they can call “I’m on fire” and get the ball back until they fail to hit a cup’s Review

What should we say about Beer Pong. I mean, it is a classic for a reason. Still, it can get a bit boring when you play it as extensively as we did. Hence, we tried a lot of not as well-known Beer Pong Variations that your should check out right away to spice things up.

Check out the Top 9 Beer Pong Variations now!

Have fun and drink responsibly! 😀

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Specification: Beer Pong

Player Size
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2 Players, 3-6 Players


Low, Medium

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Like there's no tomorrow, Pro


Under 20 minutes, Under 40 minutes

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High, Low, Medium


Indoors, Outdoors


Cups, Other

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