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Flunky Ball

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Flunky Ball is an outdoor drinking game with focus on skills. It is played in teams and is hence a perfect game for Beer Olympics and your outdoor summer party. All you need to play is a ball (or a shoe), a bottle, and a can of beer per person.

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Flunky Ball
Great team game for summer party
Players: 4 -12
Materials: Drinks, Bottle, Ball/Shoe
Time: 10-20 minutes
Outdoor game

  • Awesome team game
  • Perfect for summer partys
  • Skills are decisive
  • Dependent on the worst player of the team





At first, two teams have to be formed. Both teams line up around 15- 20 meters apart from each other. In the middle a bottle will be placed. The aim of this game is for all players of a team to finish their own can of beer before the other team manages to do so. The players try to knock the bottle down with the ball. If this is successful, one player of the opposing team must set up the bottle as quickly as possible while another goes for the ball. If the bottle is up again and both players are above their own line together with the ball, they shout stop. From the moment the bottle falls over until the stop shout, the players of the throwing team drink from their can as quickly as possible to get it empty. The teams throw alternately, regardless of whether the bottle was hit or not. Once you have finished the drink, you have to turn the can over your head to prove that it is empty. Once you do so, you leave the game and cheer up your teammates that are still in the game.


For most games, the punishment includes drinking something. However, for this game, it is the goal to finish your drink first. Therefore, agree on a punishment for the losing team before the game.


  • Two teams have to be formed
  • Set up the pitch by forming two lines and place the bottle in the middle
  • The goal of the game is to finish the cans first
  • The team that everyone finishes the beer first wins
  • The teams throw the ball or the shoe in alternating order
  • Once the bottle is hit and falls, the throwing team can start drinking
  • At the same time, one player of the other team sets up the bottle and runs back to the own line
  • Another player gets the ball and runs back as well
  • Once all players and the ball are back, they shout “stop”
  • The other team now has to stop drinking
  • As proof of being done, the players have to turn the can upside down above their heads
  • Each team is only as good as their worst player

Agree on the punishment for the losers before you start

Additional Rules:

  • In case one of the cans is hit, or a player knocks one of his or her team’s cans over, the owner has to open a new one. So better watch your own can like it’s your baby.’s Review

Flunky Ball is an awesome team and skill drinking game that should be played outside. It is an exciting game for every party in summer and is one of our favorite skill drinking games to play.

Have fun and drink responsibly! 😀

Specification: Flunky Ball

Player Size
Number of Players

3-6 Players, 7-12 Players

Level of Noise

High, Medium


Low, Medium

Drunkenness Level

Like there's no tomorrow, Pro, Take it easy


Under 20 minutes, Under 40 minutes

Focus on








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