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Harry Potter Drinking Game

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The Harry Potter drinking game turns all of the 8 movies even more magical and definitely more fun. Play it with your friends for a relaxed evening or use it as a pre-gaming movie.

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8.6Expert Score
Harry Potter Drinking Game
Harry up and play this Siriusly great movie drinking game
Players: any group size
Materials: TV/Laptop etc.
Time: depends on the movie

  • Exciting to watch
  • It's Harry Potter!
  • Great for small and big groups


harry potter drinking game


Instructions Harry Potter drinking game:

The Harry Potter movies are iconic and one of those masterpieces that some people like to watch over and over again. To make it even more fun, add some rules and turn it into the magical Harry Potter drinking game

You might not turn into a wizard, however, you’ll feel like one. So, harry up and get it started. But watch out, if you think you won’t be siriusly drunk you might be ron.

Rules for the Harry Potter drinking game:

The rules that we are listing now work for all Harry Potter Movies 1 – 8. Let us know in case you’d like to have more specific rules for each of them.

Take 1 sip when

  • points are awarded or deducted from Gryffindor
  • Hermione reads a book
  • Ron has a disgusted or scared face
  • someone says “He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named” or “You-Know-Who”

Take 2 sips when

  • the Weasley brothers talk simultaneously
  • something unfortunate happens to Neville
  • Snape mentions James Potter
  • Ron eats something

Take 3 sips when

  • Harry’s scar hurts
  • there is sexual tension between Ron and Hermione
  • Hagrid says something he shouldn’t
  • Dumbledore gives a vague advice

Additional rules for the true Potterheads

  • When Snape talks in his arrogant, nasal, and overly dramatic voice, pinch your nose and take five sips
  • Take three sips when you have the urge to punch Draco in the face
  • When somebody casts “Avada Kedavra”, kill your drink
  • Whenever someone says “Horcrux”, the last one to touch their drink has to finish it

Expert’s rating of the movie drinking game

To be honest, any game that features Hagrid can’t be bad… we are giant fans. Even Voldemort nose that. 

Jokes aside, this game is perfect for chilled time with your friends and even a good fit for some extensive pre-gaming.
Real Potterheads would probably rate this game 9 ¾ of 10 points and we also rate it as one of the best movie drinking games we’ve played so far.

Granger things, cheesy puns, and tips for after playing the game

I was told to not include this part, but as you can read this now, seems like I’m immune to “constructive critique”. So here we go.

  • After drinking a lot and to avoid a bad breath, don’t forget to eat de-mentoes. (cheesy af, I know)
  • To avoid a bad hangover, drink an espresso patronum right after getting up
  • Enough is enough, right? JK, Rowling with the puns….
  • But for real, I know there’s a lot of broom for improvement in this wanderful section, witch I’ll take care of another time. For now this is it. I’d be happy to hear what you think about the game.

Have fun and drink responsibly and let us know how you like the game! 😀

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Specification: Harry Potter Drinking Game

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2 Players, 3-6 Players, 7-12 Players

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